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Our founder Blaine Fallis is a lifelong musician who has written for About.com as their Jazz Guide. He has also written for the popular jazz website Allaboutjazz.com. He created Modernjazz to share his music with the world and offer other artists a platform to share theirs. Blaine wants to bring quality modern jazz music to the masses with his connections and expertise. If you are as passionate about jazz as we are, then you are in for a treat. Check out exceptional soundtracks, learn more about jazz music, and connect with talented musicians all in one place—Modernjazz. Trust us to bring you diverse talents from all across the country.

Jazz and Texas have always had a unique and strong connection. Throughout the history of jazz, Texans have contributed to the important movements in the genre, beginning with blues, ragtime, and boogie-woogie in the early years of the twentieth century and continuing with hot jazz in the 1920s, swing in the 1930s, bebop in the 1940s, cool, hard bop, and funk-soul in the 1960s, and free jazz from the late 1950s into the 1980s. With Texas as our home, we want to take this iconic music into the modern world. Contribute to our cause and spread the love of jazz. Contact us to know more about our mission and our artists.

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Our Mission

We believe that good music overcomes a world of troubles, building bridges, and sharing love and art. At Modernjazz, we find talented artists and feature them to take jazz music to new audiences.


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A Platform for Talented Musicians

Modernjazz features talented musicians like Matt Renzi—best known for his tenor sax playing and clarinet. His New York City-based trio has been well-recognized for its group improv and composition. Together, he and his band have recorded several CDs, sharing their talent with jazz lovers across the world. We take pride in taking contemporary jazz masterpieces like his to the masses. Several other talented musicians are using their creativity and passion to create art that’ll revolutionize the music industry. Modernjazz aims to play a small part in their revolution. After all, that’s why we created this platform. Explore our music section and get to know more about our outstanding artists.

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We are waiting to hear from you. Let’s spread the love of jazz far and wide!

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